How to build Extensible and Scalable Bot applications

Azure Serverless is gaining momentum these days and chatbot is at the centre of the business transformation. So, what if we create a chatbot on Azure Serverless? This is the topic I presented at the Global Integration Bootcamp 2019 in Calgary. Through this topic, I demonstrated two things: A Contextual Bot, that adds a bit … Continue reading How to build Extensible and Scalable Bot applications

Global Integration Bootcamp – 2019

It all started when Kunal was approached by a Microsoft employee at a conference last year to find if there is any interest to host an Azure integration focused bootcamp in Calgary. When Kunal pitched the idea of organizing this event together, without fully being aware of what is asked off of me, I said … Continue reading Global Integration Bootcamp – 2019

Integrate QnAMaker with Dynamics 365 through PowerApps

2018 was a fascinating year for Dynamics 365 with the introduction of Power Platform. Power Platform (Power Apps, Power BI and Microsoft Flow) connects to a variety of data sources and this gives huge extension points to Dynamics 365 because of the way it is tied to the Power Platform itself. In this blog post, … Continue reading Integrate QnAMaker with Dynamics 365 through PowerApps

FAQ Bot – Refresh Content

In the previous post, we reviewed how to layer a bot on top of the knowledge articles created in Dynamics 365 using Dynamics 365 Portals and QnAMaker Cognitive Service. We extract the content from the portal url (as configured in the Step 4 of the QnAMaker Configuration) in order to create a Knowledge Base with … Continue reading FAQ Bot – Refresh Content


Have you seen webpages with lots and lots of Frequently Asked Questions? Is that really what your customers want? Are you sure that they are reviewing all those before reaching out to your customer service agents? How do we make searching through the FAQs more engaging and less painful for your customers? In this era … Continue reading FAQ Bot