Lessons Learnt on App Development

The problem I was solving I seem to have a lot of gift ideas throughout the year, but when the time comes to gift a person, I typically scramble and grasp at straws to come up with an idea and eventually buy a gift that mostly is irrelevant and expensive. How did I solve the … Continue reading Lessons Learnt on App Development

Quick Reply PCF Control

Wouldn't it be nice if we provide a way for staff to quickly enter a huge blob of repetitive statements with just a quick shortcut? We have these on our phones, why not bring it to the Power Platform? Here it is in action The Challenge There was one particular challenge implementing this. I wanted … Continue reading Quick Reply PCF Control

Global Integration Bootcamp – 2019

It all started when Kunal was approached by a Microsoft employee at a conference last year to find if there is any interest to host an Azure integration focused bootcamp in Calgary. When Kunal pitched the idea of organizing this event together, without fully being aware of what is asked off of me, I said … Continue reading Global Integration Bootcamp – 2019