Building Proactive Bot with Power Virtual Agents

Let's say you own a restaurant business and you have a chatbot to help your customers order food. Once the food is delivered, wouldn't it be nice for your chatbot to send a quick nudge to the customer to ask how the experience was? - All you are doing is to proactively engage the customer … Continue reading Building Proactive Bot with Power Virtual Agents

Quick Reply PCF Control

Wouldn't it be nice if we provide a way for staff to quickly enter a huge blob of repetitive statements with just a quick shortcut? We have these on our phones, why not bring it to the Power Platform? Here it is in action The Challenge There was one particular challenge implementing this. I wanted … Continue reading Quick Reply PCF Control

Image to Text PCF Control

PowerApps Component Framework is becoming a gold standard to infuse AI in the business apps. PowerApps team released an experimental preview of PCF for Canvas Apps and its truly a game changer. Here is one example where the user can take an image or pick an already existing image on their mobile devices and the … Continue reading Image to Text PCF Control