Have you seen webpages with lots and lots of Frequently Asked Questions? Is that really what your customers want? Are you sure that they are reviewing all those before reaching out to your customer service agents? How do we make searching through the FAQs more engaging and less painful for your customers? In this era … Continue reading FAQ Bot

Are you new to the Bot development?

A few weeks ago, one of my colleagues was interested in getting to know how to get started with this fancy bot world. Like all the new platforms, there is going to be a learning curve and lots to digest with this ecosystem and it may be hard to understand where to start to efficiently … Continue reading Are you new to the Bot development?

How to build a great bot?

Diligent planning and designing the bot is very crucial to the overall success of your bot strategy and this is where we envision the characteristics of the bot. Questions that are typically asked in this stage include: We already have a web app. What problem are we trying to solve with the bot? Will our … Continue reading How to build a great bot?

City of Wisdom – The Proactive Bot

I am incredibly excited to show how proactive bot concept works in this post. To be honest, I just wanted to do a single blog about the "Proactive Bot" instead of a blog series. But one wouldn't be able to appreciate it without understanding the context of the bot creation and the underlying infrastructure, some … Continue reading City of Wisdom – The Proactive Bot