Have you seen webpages with lots and lots of Frequently Asked Questions? Is that really what your customers want? Are you sure that they are reviewing all those before reaching out to your customer service agents? How do we make searching through the FAQs more engaging and less painful for your customers? In this era … Continue reading FAQ Bot

“Hey Siri, close the service request in CRM”

I was doing some testing for my previous blog where I needed to repititively change the status of service request to Resolved, which will send a message to the citizen. I was thinking what if there is a way through which I am able to change something in the D365 very easily. What if I ask the … Continue reading “Hey Siri, close the service request in CRM”

City of Wisdom – The Proactive Bot

I am incredibly excited to show how proactive bot concept works in this post. To be honest, I just wanted to do a single blog about the "Proactive Bot" instead of a blog series. But one wouldn't be able to appreciate it without understanding the context of the bot creation and the underlying infrastructure, some … Continue reading City of Wisdom – The Proactive Bot

City Of Wisdom – Rise of the Bot

Mobile apps certainly cannibalized some of the website traffic - tuned out to be a good thing. As the mobile real estate is much smaller, they are typically designed to be simple to use and easy to understand and thus the adoption was tremendous. Nowadays, there is an app for everything. But, the apps aren’t … Continue reading City Of Wisdom – Rise of the Bot