Power Virtual Agent – Under the hood

If I have to summarize the Power Virtual Agent in a single word - it is magical. Well, nothing is magical. There is a hardworking team, infrastructure and supporting services behind it. In this post, let's go under the hood of the Power Virtual Agent (PVA) and see all the moving parts involved. As I … Continue reading Power Virtual Agent – Under the hood

Power Virtual Agents – Past, Present and the Future

I am starting a new blog series with the motive to share some of the essentials that the beginners would like to know as they embark on the journey with the Power Virtual Agents. In this blog, I am registering my thoughts as to how the Power Virtual Agents may have been conceived, key features … Continue reading Power Virtual Agents – Past, Present and the Future

Image to Text PCF Control

PowerApps Component Framework is becoming a gold standard to infuse AI in the business apps. PowerApps team released an experimental preview of PCF for Canvas Apps and its truly a game changer. Here is one example where the user can take an image or pick an already existing image on their mobile devices and the … Continue reading Image to Text PCF Control

NLP Date Picker

Date field is notorious for slowing the user down during form entry because this is where the user tends to make mistakes with incorrect formats, typos, calculating the dates off the top of the head considering some months have 31st and some don't, let alone the leap year calculations. So, how can we improve this? … Continue reading NLP Date Picker